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Event Dates

Feb 10th, 2024: 8:00AM - Feb 17th, 2024: 8:00AM GMT



First place

2888 KOINs

Second place

1888 KOINs

Third place

888 KOIN


288 KOIN

Prizes may expand depending on how many competitors there are

All competitors must finish all 4 workouts or at least be listed on all 4 leaderboards to get prizes.

Scoring for each Workout

There are 4 different workouts which will give you more points as you top the leaderboards for each one. These are the 4 workouts:

Each workout depending on your placement in the leaderboards will give you added points.

1st - 15 points
2nd - 12 points
3rd - 10 points
4th - 9 points
5th - 8 points
6th - 7 points
7th - 6 points
8th - 5 points
9th - 4 points
10th - 3 points
11th - 2 points
12+ - 1 point

Try any of the workouts as many times as you want, and improve your score and placement in the leaderboards! Make improvements and try again the next day!

Hint - Correct form and more reps you do will yield higher points.

Additional Points

You can score additional points by joining our quick requests in our discord server. We will award points based on requirements we post on spot.

Make sure you’re a part of our discord server to get ahead of others:

Total Scoring

Your score will be the sum of all workouts you’ve done. Each workout will give you points, your rank for the prize will be based on your total score across all 4 workouts.

Total Score = Core of the Dragon 2024 + Glutes of the Dragon 2024 + Legs of the Dragon 2024 + Stamina of the Dragon 2024 + (Any additional points from events)

The maximum score you could have is 60 points across all four workouts.

End of Event and Annoucements

At the end of the event the results of the scores will be announced roughly around 72 hours afterwards and awarded automatically.

Top 3 winners will be announced in :

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